Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor – Martyr – Review

The title Martyr di Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor it has already landed several months before on the Steam platform and after a short time it has finally arrived on PlayStation 4 and the latest addition from Microsoft. The title is edited by NeocoreGames which gave us the title dedicated to the vampire hunter at the time Van Helsing, which unfortunately did not shine in a great light, due to its very thin technical sector, as well as the last chapter was plagued by serious problems of general stability.

Let's be honest, we started with a bit of distrust towards the title, because the Software House that took care of it has never shown the will to change, to want to improve the quality of its products. When we installed on our console we were ready for the worst, but despite everything, the guys at NeocoreGames managed to redeem themselves in part, earning a little trust on our part, making us hope for the future of the manufacturer. The one we tested is obviously the Console version, in this case we will analyze the one for PlayStation 4, which we used on the PRO version.

You remind me of a certain title ...

Technically Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor - Martyr is in all respects a Vanhelsing in Space Marine sauce, obviously mixing the classic elements that have always distinguished the flagship title of Blizzard - which will soon also arrive on Switch - that is: Diablo. So, if you have played one of the aforementioned titles, you will have clear what awaits you once the title is launched, but we will analyze everything calmly in this review.

We do not have a specific place to explore, this is because the procedural generator will allow us to choose a planet that will create a unique map and thus giving us a "different" experience from other players based on what will be proposed along our path . However, it must be said that the generated maps do not have a great "vastness" of areas, they are often very concentrated and small, but this means that they are not dispersive, thus making the desire for exploration and research high. Although there is a background narrative, this is not important, because once we arrive at the Caligari system, we will have the procedural maps that we have just mentioned, making the single player campaign just a great "tutorial" to introduce us to this world of game.

The choice for a unique experience

Choosing the class is important, this will determine our experience in a very significant way, giving us a unique type of game. We have the Cult of Death Assassin who is mainly based on doing damage for a long time, then the Psyker who is practically the strongest attacker but who is weak at damage resistance and finally the Crusader of the Ecclesiarchy, the tank of the group that is mainly based on hitting the enemy, resisting the damage and when possible, taking the latter for the whole group.

The skill tree is made up of skills that can be unlocked by investing points from the start and those that force the player to perform certain actions to make them available. We can assure you that the management of the latter is quite well structured, this is because it is also possible to reset the skills if the tree undertaken fails to bear the desired fruits. Of course, it must be said that to perform a Reset the game requires a high price, but at least you are not forced to have to face hordes of enemies with a character created from scratch.

Repetition warning

At present the game suffers from a certain repetition, but that could be filled by constant support from NeocoreGames. The main problem is to understand if the developers will keep the promise of expanding the seasons with new enemies, maps and content that may interest and push the player to use the production for a long time like the title of Blizzard, which unfortunately we can not do unless often cite why he is the top contender in this "battle" field.

Good but not great

The graphic sector, although it is very captivating, in the long run you can glimpse a certain repetition of color palettes, always very dark gray, with enemies that can hardly be distinguished from the NPCs. As for the light sector, we were satisfied with how the latter were managed, everything is adorned with particle effects that give an incredible spectacle. Something more could be done for the audio sector, which is not one of the highlights of the production. Another criticism that must certainly be moved is the countless bugs we encountered during our hours of play, among all the application that crashes in the most excited moments. Although the game was played on a PlayStation 4 Pro, we often encountered unjustifiable drops in framerate, in areas where the action was rather calm and the effects around us were not so heavy as to cause the structure to collapse, so we we hope the developers take action with a corrective patch.

Final Comment

The guys at NeocoreGames have earned a pinch of our trust, this is because Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor - Martyr is a pleasant title to play, although we have several flaws that undermine the experience and that do not make it one of the video games that absolutely must be played. . Our hope is that the developers are able to properly support the title with these seasons that have been promised, but mainly that they manage to file all those problems that the game currently suffers, making the experience more enjoyable for a more demanding audience. . We want to give a discrete vote to the production, we want to trust the words of the guys who have invested in the game, therefore, we will certainly talk about the game again in the future, to take stock of the situation.

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