World of Warcraft Classic - Review of a historical MMORPG

After the announcement of almost two years ago and and a beta this year, World of Warcraft Classic has finally been released.

Blizzard will have succeeded in faithfully recreate the title that has fascinated us all by now 15 years ago? Find out in this new one review!

What is World of Warcraft Classic

World of Warcraft was first released on November 23, 2004 on PC. Direct sequel to the saga of strategic in real time "Warcraft", This title was intended right from the start to be a much freer and more customizable experience than its predecessors, with two continents to explore e 8 playable races divided into two factions (Alliance and Horde).

This version much more immersive e "Social" of the world of Azeroth has convinced a huge slice of the public, settling in 2009 come l’MMORPG more successful of history with over 10 million users active.

Over time, as it received more and more updates ed expansions, the number of active users has gradually decreased, with an active population of approx 1,7 million users after the launch of the expansion Battle of Azeroth, but it continues to keep its mystical halo from colossus undisputed of gaming.

Il November 3, 2017, probably in response to the general discontent of the fanbase caused by the latest expansions not judged to live up to expectations, Blizzard surprised everyone by announcing World of Warcraft Classic, which is the original World of Warcraft recreated the same to 100% without all the changes brought about by the various expansions.

Now that it has finally been released and we have got to try for several hours, we can confirm that Blizzard is success to faithfully reconstruct the experience of vanilla version of World of Warcraft, with all its strengths and all his defects

A jump into the past

The first thing you will notice in Classic will be the more "reasoned”That we will have to take in order to build the our character.

Compared to the current version of WoW, in fact, here we will have to manage strategically our resources, accumulating foods e beverages to help us during the quests and accumulating money to unlock the various skills that our trainer can give us.

Continuing the comparison with the current expansions of the game, you can immediately perceive how the game, for better or for worse, has undergone several heavy changes in the difficulty management.

The quests will not be marked on the map and you will have to guess where they will take part by reading the their description e the objectives yes complete them enemies they will often be much more complex allowing you to perceive very well the difference when you equip armor or a weapon with higher statistics.

It goes without saying, therefore, that the process of leveling in general either slower compared to modern standards of the genre, which however in this case can be considered a value added, since it will allow us to deepen with each dialogue e quest il background narrativo of the area in which we will be playing, and then of dive deeper in the general atmosphere.

It can turn out though annoying if the player wants to aim to get there as soon as possible RAID and allendgame, also due to the changes called “Quality of Life” of the game.

The aforementioned lack of quest indicators in the map or the lack of automatic matchmaking for Instances and Raid that will force us to have to cercare every time in chat all the players with the necessary roles, unless you are already in a party.

Ragnaros, one of the most iconic bosses in all of WoW and final boss of the Molten Core raid

An experience that is best enjoyed in company

So if we can guess something from what we have said it is that this game it is not suitable for those who want to play solo most of the time, but instead gets promoted to exhaustion cooperation between players.

Being in a group with more people, in fact, will allow us not only to complete quests faster, but also to obtain gods bonus to experience acquired that will allow us to level much faster than normal.

One of the things also present in this version and not in the more modern expansions of the game is it purpose of the different classes. The choice of class, in fact, will not only affect the role that you will have within Instances and Raids, but also how you can be useful to your group during explorationand the continent.

For example, if you have chosen the Mago you can create some very useful ones bring them that will allow us to save money to go from one place to another, a godsend since they are needed much more and are given in less quantity.

Each class will also have to be managed, as mentioned above, by purchasing from the various instructors scattered throughout the cities necessary skills e undertaking quest dedicated that will not only allow us to elaborate on even more the history of our own class, but to further help theimmersione and make us feel like real paladins, druids, warriors, etc.

Also learn how to use e become proficient with each weapon will require training from a Weapon Master, requiring further ability on our part to better manage our resources monetary.

A problematic launch to say the least

So if we are very satisfied with the title itself, we cannot say the same for his launching. In fact, we are facing yet another problematic launch for Blizzard, with servers so full that users often had to join one waiting list and wait even for three hours to enter.

It may be understandable that Blizzard wasn't expecting a similar success, but after years of working with online video games more expertise is expected in the management of a launch. Fortunately, most of the problems have already been solved, but for some users who wanted to play it since launch and couldn't, it was a nuisance very serious.

On the other hand, this allows us to understand how many people were interested in the game and theenorme succeso which has been successful, with some instances where players have literally created kilometric files to determine the order in which to kill certain creatures.

One of the most shared images about queues in WoW Classic

Future updates

The current World of Warcraft Classic it is not, at the moment, complete with all the contents present before the closure of the original World of Warcraft.

It was decided, in fact, to launch it in stages, gradually adding all the remaining content. Below we leave you the list of events for bothl PvE that for province PvP which will be released over the next few months:

  • Phase 1 (the launch, currently released):
    PvE – Molten Core, Onyxia, Maraudo.
    PvP - PvP present but without a ranking and rewards system.
  • 2 phase:
    PvE – Say Maul, Azuregos, Kazzak.
    PvP - A Honor System, rewards will begin to be entered.
  • 3 phase:
    PvE – Blackwing Lair, Darkmoon Make, Darkmoon Deck.
    PvP – Alterac Valley (version 1.12), introduced the battlefield Warsong Gulch.
  • 4 phase:
    PvE – Zul'Gurub, Green Dragons.
    PvP – Arathi Basin.
  • 5 phase:
    PvE - Introduced the event Ahn’Qiraj War Effort, at the end of which the raid will be launched Ahn'qiraj.
  • 6 phase:
    PvE – Naxxramas, Scourge Invasion.
    PvP - Introduced PvP objectives of Silithus and Eastern Plaguelands.
Will Blizzard be able to relive all fans the excitement of completing the quest for the opening of Ahn'Qiraj?

In conclusion

Ultimately, we are faced with a revival of the 100% faithful di World of Warcraft without all its expansions, with all its advantages, as the most focus on social side and a greater immersion, and all its flaws, such as the lack of all those feature “Quality of Life” introduced later.

We suggest World of Warcraft Classic a all World of Warcraft fans who want to take a look at how the game has changed over time and to lovers of MMO RPGs to try one of the main exponents of the genre

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