WWE 2K19 – Review

As a WWE fan for many years, it's always a good feeling to get your hands on a chapter of the series, even if the usual doubts are constantly raging in our heads: will it be the same again as last year? Will they be able to fix the problems? Will he be able to enjoy us like the old chapters released on PlayStation 2?

We do not believe we are the only ones to ask ourselves and today we will try to dispel at least some of these doubts, talking in more detail about WWE 2K19, a new effort by Yuke's and Visual Concepts, with the supervision of the 2K team, from which a huge leap forward is always demanded, such as to make the series a pearl like the basketball counterpart.

The goal this year is to improve the good that had been perceived in the last chapter, from the beginning of a difficult change of course for a title that has now become stale and too anchored in the past.

Will he be able to continue on the road to renewal?

At first glance it is undeniable to note how developers we have turned the entire title menu, remaining tremendously fascinated by the simplicity and elegance of the voices, their design and position, with in the background images processed in slight movement, to give a whole of great quality, making us immediately leave with great optimism.

Once we sifted through the enormity of the possibilities at our disposal, we began to see the actual news in terms of the mode of the title, finding us right away the return of Presentation, a way to get carried away with such a complex title, but above all to begin to see how the campaign "my player"It will work, in addition to reliving the story of a great and unfortunate wrestler, like Daniel Bryan, starting from the beginning, up to his incredible post NXT escalation.

This served to make us immediately realize what we had in front of us, a very technical, complex and tremendously tactical chapter, which will surely be, at least at the beginning, difficult for newbies or those who return to the genre after so many years, to give it a chance again. .

Finally a quality career

The past few years we had appreciated the arrival of the "my player" mode, because it represented in effect the possibility of exploiting even more the great editor of the title, one of the absolute strengths of the whole series, but without the real possibility to fully enjoy it, if not in an exhibition match. But the problems were many and his being tremendously immature was under everyone's eye, so much so that we turned up our noses heavily in our analyzes.

This time we found one great attention to detail, making it actually very interesting and multifaceted, going from the basic creation, as if we were actually budding wrestlers, allowing us to play online, to increase our fame and skills, earning points and choosing our side.

But it is not the only thing possible, in fact it is possible, as well as advisable, live career, finally much deeper and more eventful, divided into chapters and which sees a complete dubbing by all the protagonists, which we had previously detested. We will start as fighters of an independent federation decadence, forced to live in a van given to us by their father after his death, with the dream of climbing to the top and arriving at the great WWE, to follow in the footsteps of the many readers who have followed one another over the years.

From there our troubled story will begin, which will bring us a series of ups and downs to glory, with many pros and cons, summarized in a good story line and above all a 'excessive "linearity" of events, without actually giving us a great deal of freedom of movement.

We say this because we have not fully appreciated having to follow a script in detail, having to make certain goals to continue and above all without the randomness of a WWE career, studded with spectacular actions and mistakes, therefore without the possibility of losing a title to due to our mistake, but simply repeating the fight constantly until our victory, with all objectives completed.

Having had greater freedom, capable of building a story not necessarily linear and perfect, but as it was actually a Wrestler career, full of ups and downs, would certainly have made more in our opinion.

Turning instead to our fighter, initially we will have very little to choose from in every respect that is not the construction of the appearance at the level of somatic traits, which could take away an enormous number of hours for the most fanatic. This is due to the fact that the various entrances (including music, videos and movements), every type of move, wearable accessory and skill, will be unlocked through the shop, by opening special packages, divided by type.

From these we will be able to find moves, entrances, insults to be carried out, upgrades and much more, to build a sort of collection and calmly unlock the large catalog at our disposal, evolving our fighter accordingly.

To enhance it we have above all the skill tree, customized according to our fighting style, divided into attack, defense and physical, also having two sections dedicated to specializations and overload. The more we advance in our career, the more points we will have to unlock these small upgrades, increasing every aspect of our fighter, to become a star of the federation.

What else can I do?

Obviously WWE 2K19 is not just "my player", there is much more to do, even just in the exhibition, where we have a myriad of types of matches available, but it is our interest to focus on the more substantial modes, including WWE universe.

This allows you to manage the entire WWE in one sort of managerial, allowing us to manage all the weekly programming and Pay per View, with a greater freedom of choice than last year, albeit very similar overall. The fun lies in the full management of every aspect, from choosing the feuds, the good or bad nature of the wrestlers, the composition of the rosters and much more, even if the lack of a dubbing provokes in us the same opinions as last year on the career, a considerable loss of bite.

In addition, we also have other interesting news, such as 2K towers, which will allow us to make a real climb to the top, facing the feared wrestlers of the circuit in succession. Specifically we have available three distinct types: Gauntlet, where we will have to complete the climb in one go, to avoid losing our hard-earned progress, Stepped Towers where we will be able to rest between one match and another, at the expense of a greater overall length, having more matches to face. Finally we have the daily and weekly challenges, essential for accumulating stars and accessing the monthly PPVs, in which it will be possible to obtain special rewards.

Even the multiplayer sector is very full-bodied, also very important for accumulating stars to qualify for Pay per View, becoming in effect a sort of competitive mode, to increase one's ability and try to win as many points as possible, to get attractive prizes, in terms of exclusive items and emblems.

Finally we want to commend the possibility of download wrestlers built specifically by the community, able thanks to the mammoth editor, to recreate wrestlers of the past and not, in a stunning quality in every aspect, allowing us an unprecedented freedom.

Pad in hand

One of the most complex aspects to discuss is represented by the gameplay, Achilles heel of many past productions, where he constantly hammered with a continuous copy and paste from edition to edition. Despite the interesting entries, we have found that a real leap in quality, the much desired revolution, has not yet taken place, finding different similarities and limits with the titles of the past.

Also, although there have been improvements, the "mechanical" sensation of movements, making the wrestlers sometimes clumsy and clumsy, difficult to coordinate and direct, making us hit several times to miss, often even turning our backs on the opponent.

But there are also gods positives, such as the revival of the pinning and submission system, through mini games that are much more linked to skill than in the past, the more you go in this direction, the more surely the title will earn.

Technically speaking

On the technical sector we continue to have serious doubts, seeing a fluctuating level of constant quality, between excellent particle effects, well-made wrestlers, to other details instead to make us turn up our noses, almost as if there was no linearity in the construction of textures and characters, facing a great disparity between them.

As regards the frame rate instead, luckily for us, nothing to complain about, having in our hands a solid product that is always on the piece, without incurring those annoying slowdowns and jerks to which we were, unfortunately, used to in the past.

Even in sound compartment it is confirmed on the piece, with traces of absolute quality to accompany us in the menus, together with a very good reconstruction of the public and noises relating to the clash, a really good job in this regard.

In conclusion

WWE 2K19 it is definitely not a revolution of the series, a chapter capable of tear up the canons we were used to, but it represents in all respects a very valid proposal able to entertain fans of the brand for several hours. Between a truly impressive roster, an always almost unlimited creation editor, able to allow us a total customization and almost difficult to equalize, an improved gameplay and a large amount of modes, being fully a level exposing of the series.

As said however, it does not represent a revolution, so it is not recommended for those who hated the previous exponents, while for others it is totally a chapter to have, given its ability to entertain and entertain for several hours.

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